Pitching Revolutionary Isolation Gown, Accel Unite’s Megan Eddings Wins Top Honors at Prestigious National Competition

Pitching Revolutionary Isolation Gown, Accel Unite’s Megan Eddings Wins Top Honors at Prestigious National Competition
Accel Unite’s patent-pending, sustainable gown increases protection, reduces costs, and maintains reliable supply chain, while helping save the environment


HOUSTON, Texas  (November 16, 2022) – And then there was one. Emerging from an impressive group of more than 500 talented women business owners, Accel Unite’s founder and CEO Megan Eddings was named the winner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council's 2022 WBENC Pitch Competition.

In a quest to find and showcase the most innovative solutions from around the USA, WBENC teamed up with its regional partner organizations for the multi-round competition. Eddings, who was among 12 finalists selected to present at “Innovate with WBENC” in Washington, DC, pitched Accel Unite's award-winning reusable isolation gowns. As a result of her win, she will receive $20,000 in prize money to invest in her company.

 “I am beyond ecstatic about winning first place in WBENC’s National Competition. To be recognized as an innovator by such a prestigious organization feels absolutely incredible,” Edding said. “While the prize money is definitely a boost, it pales in comparison to the support and comradery I’ve experienced throughout this entire process. Meeting other women business leaders in the WBENC organization has been life-changing. I am extremely inspired by their ideas, tenacity, and perseverance. I look forward to us all helping each other scale our businesses. When women help women, the world shifts.” 

Born out of the need for reliable and sustainable PPE, Accel Unite’s reusable isolation gowns are patent-pending in 153 countries. Eddings and her team spent more than a year developing a gown that is more affordable, increases safety against cross-contamination, and is less damaging to the environment. Instead of being thrown away, Accel Unite’s gowns can be washed at home or by a commercial launderer. Disposable options, on the other hand, burden supply chains, increase costs, and substantially contribute to the single-use plastic epidemic. Accel Unite does not rely on an overseas supply chain to manufacture its gowns and is therefore poised to become a highly competitive market leader.

WBENC is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to helping women-owned businesses thrive. With its world-class certification standard, WBENC validates that a business is at least 51 percent owned, controlled, operated, and managed by a woman or women. There are currently 18,000 WBENC certified companies in the USA. The certification is accepted by thousands of corporations, state and local governments, as well as the US Military.

Accel Unite congratulates all of the other finalists who participated in Washington, DC this week. Everyone is a winner!

The remaining finalists include:


With a Chemistry background from the University of Virginia, Eddings created not one, but two companies: Accel Unite and Accel Lifestyle.

Her vision, risk-taking, and game-changing attitude have successfully made Eddings an industry leader in public health, entrepreneurship, and textiles; serving as a necessary resource to the medical community, the U.S. military, universities, and beyond. Megan is also a guest lecturer at Rice University, the University of Virginia, Houston Community College, and the University of Houston. Her lectures focus on science, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

Megan’s passion and enthusiasm are contagious (you’ll experience both when you talk to her) as she focuses on always being positive, inspiring confidence, and how to authentically stay true to an ethical ethos, focusing on what is best for humanity and the environment. 

 Accel Unite’s Founder + CEO Megan Eddings

Accel Unite’s Reusable Isolation Gown keeps the wearer safe by eliminating the need to put contaminated sleeves near the face when removing the gown. Accel Unite’s design is patent pending in 153 countries.

About Accel Unite:

Accel Unite believes in being united toward the common goals of improving health and wellness for ourselves, our patients, our coworkers, and our community, while always focusing on what is best for humanity and the environment. Accel Unite combines its love of science and sustainability to create textiles and garments that positively impact the wearer and the world.



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