Prema® Fabric

Why Prema®

Prema® fabric was created by our founder, a chemist, who invested 3 years in R & D. She wanted to ensure that the fabric met the highest antibacterial standards, focusing on efficacy and sustainability. Even after 100 washes, Prema is 98% antibacterial.

Because the trade secret protected silver-poly science is embedded in the fabric, the antibacterial technology lasts the lifetime of the product.

Prema® was initially launched in the fitness apparel market, focusing on anti-stink solutions. Soon after launch, many industries reached out as they wanted to include Prema® and its antibacterial characteristics into their product offerings.  Sustainable, antibacterial, cleaner and safer textiles are in high demand in every industry and Prema® is the answer.

Prema® can be used in the healthcare industry, apparel, linen, upholstery, patient gowns, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Proven Technology 

On any given day, your clothing is attracting and holding onto bacteria. Bacteria can survive in the fiber of your fabrics for weeks and sometimes even months. Contrary to popular belief, your clothes are not “clean” when they come out of the washing machine, they are still contaminated with bacteria. #gross

Prema® offers sustainable protection. The embedded trade secret silver-poly serves as a barrier, thus inhibiting bacteria growth. Silver is a well-documented antibacterial, with stories of the Roman Empire storing wine in silver urns to prevent spoilage.

Our technology is gentle on the skin, gentle on the environment and is improving the way industries incorporate textiles.

How it Works 

Products created with Prema® offer superior odor control, while eliminating bacteria growth immediately.

Our technology is a proprietary knit blend of silver-poly fibers and Supima® Cotton, the world’s finest cotton. In the presence of moisture, the Prema® silver technology releases positively charged silver ions blocking bacteria from adhering and embedding into the fabric fibers.


Verified Testing

Independent labs completed extensive testing, using the industry standard test methodology, AATCC 100.

    • Accel’s Prema® fabric can be reused with over 100 washes, while maintaining its antibacterial efficacy, 98% to be exact.
    • Built in antibacterial properties that last the lifetime of the product.
    • Superior odor control.
    • Ingredients are EPA-registered and formulated with no harsh chemicals or solvents.

Prema® delivers safe, reliable, sustainable, cost-effective protection that you can trust.

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