Our Story

Accelerating a Healthy Life.

Together, We Unite. Together, We Accel. 

Accel Unite is re-engineering healthcare protective clothing and textiles.

Medical garments, such as gowns, scrubs and lab coats have seen minimal innovation over the last decade. Yes, these garments are more comfortable than 10 years ago, but many garments still fall into the “single use plastic” category or synthetic-based category, wreaking havoc on our environment.

Because of our team’s background in the medical industry and chemistry, we have the ability to create new and meaningful solutions. We have a strong supply chain, knowledge of sustainable fabrics and a desire to do the absolute best for humanity and the environment. Many industries have chosen Accel Unite and these industries include healthcare systems, universities, the military, and city government agencies.

Virtually all companies have sustainability initiatives and everyone is looking for additional protection. We combine our love for doing the best for the environment and our love of science to create healthcare textiles and garments that are sustainable, reusable and antibacterial.

Accel Unite believes in being united towards the common goals of improving health and wellness for ourselves, our patients, our coworkers, our employees, and our community.

We are on a mission to protect those who protect us, every day.

Meet Our Founder

Megan Eddings

After working as an internationally recognized sales representative for Fortune 500 companies, selling diagnostic imaging capital equipment, Founder & CEO, Megan Eddings knew she could use her background in chemistry from The University of Virginia, love for doing the right thing, and business acumen to improve the products that touch your life every day.

Eddings began her career researching proteins and how they affect cancer cells. Her journey led her to a career in medical sales where she earned “Rookie of the Year” and continued to earn top sales awards year after year. Eddings’ entrepreneurial spirit, chemistry background and kindred spirit for solving big problems led her to develop a globally patent-pending antibacterial fabric that is 100% sourced and made in the USA.

Prema® fabric has disrupted the textile industry with its multiuse functionality and Eddings was even invited to present to NASA iTech. Since Eddings’ revolutionary creation, healthcare systems have approached Eddings to develop new products to meet their needs.

This is why our team also developed a globally patent-pending reusable isolation gown, to provide additional protection for the wearer, additional protection for the environment and not having to worry about running out of isolation gowns.

Accel has always been focused on well-being and doing the right thing. Accel’s medical-focused division was not just a response to the current climate, but an opportunity to invent and provide cutting edge solutions for our healthcare systems and communities, while making a global impact.