Healthy People, Healthy Planet

It's very simple for us: can we put our heads on the pillow at night and know that all business decisions are based around what is best for humanity and the environment? The answer will always be "Yes".

Accel Unite thrives on partnering with organizations who support and create sustainability.  Investing in sustainable options is not just a trend, it has real global impact. We are all seeing a massive global shift to using less single use plastics. We are bringing this positive environmental solution to healthcare. We offer innovative technology and deliver quality healthcare products, focusing on what is best for the planet.

The Planet’s Health is Our Health

Now is the time that we need to connect the health of humans with the planet’s health. We focus on developing and providing more sustainable product offerings. Reusable isolation gowns and antibacterial Prema® fabric are just a couple of ways Accel Unite incorporates earth friendly processes and products.

Reusable Options

For most healthcare providers the current model is: one gown, one patient, one use, landfill. Some hospital systems use 10,000 disposable plastic gowns per day.

That equates to 10,000 large pieces of plastic going into the landfills!

Accel Unite collaborated with Infection Control teams to design a new, advanced protective solution for today and tomorrow. Accel’s patent-pending (in 153 countries), reusable isolation gown reduces the usage of raw materials, energy consumption, carbon footprint and landfill waste. You will still use one gown per patient, the difference is, the gown can be washed and used again. Incorporating a reusable gown into healthcare systems also reduces storage inventory space and saves an estimated 25-45% off the annual gown budget. 

Safety, Sustainability, Savings.

Textiles with Tech

Antibacterial fabrics are quickly becoming an integral part of the healthcare industry. Accel’s Prema® fabric is patent pending and engineered to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The difference with Prema® fabric compared to other chemically treated textiles is that Prema® fabric has silver-poly woven into the fabric. Even after 100 washes, Prema® is 98% antibacterial.

Our sustainable approach to creating and providing protection is utilized and implemented by hospitals, the government, schools, and more.